Monday, May 30, 2016

Re: GWT 2.8 delays

One can understand that the amount of resources behind Angular are far superior to those behind GWT.

In any case, the project's last official hear-beat dates from December 3, 2015, and this was a beta release.

For anybody watching, it is scary to see a UI framework having releases going out at such a slow pace.
It most likely far from being trivial to bring full support to the Java 8 api.

But in that case, could one say that the scope for the deliverable is not properly planned?
Could the scope of the GWT releases have not been sliced into multiple final incremental stable releases? 

None the less, even if the scope of the 2.8 release is to support the full Java 8 API, then several beta releases like the beta 1 could have already come out. Such as every 4 months there should be a goal to have something stable coming out.
One could enumerate the set of of open work tasks and APIs not yet supported...

At this point in time, would looking at the release notes in the GWT documentation just thinks the project is terminated.

Would a beta-2 be possible any time soon?
Many libraries such as Vaadin GWT widgets no longer support 2.8 beta1.

Many thanks and kind regards.

On Sunday, May 8, 2016 at 5:26:22 PM UTC+2, steve Zara wrote:
GWT 2.8 is now well over a year behind what seemed to be the original schedule.  I'm having to deal with colleagues who say they have lost confidence in the GWT project, which is a problem as I have GWT projects to support and further develop, as part of what I hope will be a globally used and long-lived system.  Confidence in software requires the presence of established releases, NOT betas, which put off investors.

Is there anything that can be done to assist with progress?  Is there a problem with lack of interest in GWT from, say, Google?  Does GWT 2.8 involve too many features when compared to 2.7? Is there a lack of developers working on GWT?  Are more testers needed?  


Steve Zara

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