Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Re: Eclipse EE Servers

Does the solution allows to "add gwt project's *.war to EAR" as a part of j2ee app including using jndi etc?

On Friday, April 17, 2009 at 11:20:18 AM UTC-5, Jamie wrote:
Got the new GWT 1.6, and the Eclipse plugin.  Awesome.  I like the new
deployment layout.

One thing that I think is missing, however, is integration with the
WST tools.

So, here is a short instruction list on how to enable it:

1. Create your new GWT project using the Eclipse plugin
2. Open up the '.project' file
3. insert the following natures into your .project file (inside the
natures node):
4. Save the .project file
5. close the project and reopen the project (or restart eclipse)
6. right-click the project and select Project Facets
7. Check  'Java' and 'Dynamic Web Project'
8. Click 'further configuration available' and change the Content
Directory to 'war', to align with GWT's output

That's it.
What does that give you?

- Now, you can go to the Java EE "Servers" view, configure a server,
and deploy your project to that server from within eclipse.  Tomcat,
JBoss, WebSphere, etc....

- You can right-click on the project, and select 'Project Facets', and
add new facets like "Java Persistence", and configure persistence
using the Eclipse GUI stuff.

- Changes to server code are deployed immediately (well, okay, after a
short delay)

- You can, of course, debug the server code within eclipse.  Not quite
as good as hosted mode, but almost.

I still have a small problem where I have to refresh the 'war' folder
after clicking the GWT Compile button, but I've gotten used to it!

Thanks to the GWT developers!!!


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