Monday, May 30, 2016

Re: Convert Bytes from byte[] to data types

Maybe you can use this for inspiration... we used this to read binary files and decode in the client side. We transform the field in a byte[], after that converting to strings (new String(b, "ISO-8859-1")) or ints are trivial. You can do something as simple as int x = byte[0]; or are more advanced like.
public static long convertIntoUnsigned4ByteInt(byte[] b) {
long l = 0;

long al = ( ( (long)b[ 0 ] ) & 0xff ) << 24 ;
long bl = ( ( (long)b[ 1 ] ) & 0xff ) << 16 ;
long cl = ( ( (long)b[ 2 ] ) & 0xff ) << 8 ;

int di = ( b[ 3 ] & 0xff );
long dl = ( (long)di ) << 0;

l = al + bl + cl + dl;

return l;
All this just work. I have a file drag&drop example here Not sure if useful, but is the original point of the other example (gist). Transforming it to a byte[] is not very performant (byte are emulated in gwt), but is easier and our library already exists and use byte[] everywhere. 

On Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 7:15:21 PM UTC+2, Jens wrote:
Never done it but I would say so. GWT supports new String(byte[]) with UTF-8, LATIN-1, ISO_8859_1 charsets. For numbers you probably have to use BigInteger or do the conversion yourself as GWT does not emulate ByteBuffer.wrap(..).get...() for now.

-- J.

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