Monday, October 27, 2014

Re: Modify the property of an object via Deferred Binding

The reason is that you aren't really creating a new implementation of the logic, so i feel that having to create a class to set a property is a bit redundant/ridiculous.

Yeah maybe my example is a bit off. I think in reality I would have created a configuration interface that has getters for each config value and then provide different implementations of that configuration interface. Then I would pass in that configuration to the real class that contains the logic. IMHO that feels a lot better to me since you don't end up with empty sub classes only to call a super constructor with different parameters. It is also a lot more descriptive.

For such configuration classes, writing a generator is really easy. GWT actually has a generator that kind of does what you want. Take a look at UserAgentGenerator which generates an implementation of UserAgent. The generator code that produces UserAgent.getCompileTimeValue() is exactly what you need to generate a configuration class that simply returns compile time XML property values.

-- J.

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