Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Re: FieldUpdater.update it not fired for ButtonCell in Chrome browser

Hi Bharat.

It HAS TO work. I do such things every day. With ButtonCell, ClickableTextCell and some custom cells.
Check again,  there is problem somewhere else, some NPE or sthg.

W dniu wtorek, 21 października 2014 14:28:21 UTC+2 użytkownik Bharat Parikh napisał:
GWT Version: GWT 2.6.0
Browser for which the code is not working: Google Chrome Version 38.0.2125.104 m
Browser for which the code is working: IE 9

I have a ButtonCell added as a column in DataGrid. The FieldUpdater.update event for the ButtonCell is not fired in Chrome. The same works fine in IE 9. On further observation I found that after hovering the mouse over the rows of DataGrid nothing happens in Chrome. But on mouse-over in IE the rows change color (as expected). Thus, seems like the DataGrid is not receiving any mouse events in Chrome and hence the ButtonCell is not working.

I have following hierarchy of elements:
RootLayoutPanel -> DockLayoutPanel-> SimpleLayoutPanel -> LayoutPanel -> DockLayoutPanel -> DataGrid -> ButtonCell (a column inside DataGrid)

Here is how I add the ButtonCell:

Column<MyProject,String> detailsColumn =
new Column<MyProject,String>(new ButtonCell()) {
 public String getValue(MyProject object) {
   return "DETAILS";
detailsColumn.setFieldUpdater(new FieldUpdater<MyProject, String>() {
 public void update(int index, MyProject project, String value) {
 Window.alert("Button Clicked"); //nothing happens here; the dialog is not displayed
dataGrid.addColumn(detailsColumn, "DETAILS");
dataGrid.setColumnWidth(detailsColumn, 10, Unit.PCT);

I tried replacing the DataGrid with CellTable with no success. Replacing ButtonCell with ActionCell also didn't work. Note that the DataGrid example from GWT Showcase works fine on the Chrome browser.

I am suspecting this issue is similar to: but have no idea how to resolve it.

Anyone else facing this issue? Any help would be highly appreciated.

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