Thursday, October 30, 2014

Re: GWT 2.7.0 RC1 available

Hi Daniel.

I'm now using 2.7.0-rc1, and incremental compilation is working (Hoorah!). I'm launching the codeserver from the command line (mvn gwt:run-codeserver), and running the in-browser compilation from Chrome using new bookmarklets. So far so good.

However, if I add a new source file, it is not found by incremental compilation. As a work-around, I restart the codeserver (which causes a full recompilation), and then next time I compile from within the browser, another full compilation is also necessary. Then finally, after 2 full recompilations, I'm back with the benefits of incremental compilation.

Is this to be expected, or does it indicate that I don't have things configured properly? If this is the expected/current behaviour, then is there a better work-around (that does not require 2 full recompilations)?

Best regards,

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