Saturday, October 25, 2014

[how to start] best practice for responsive design in GWT

What is best practice for responsive  design?

I mean how to create kind of correct base (which panels to use) for future extension of the project.

In my project I am using activities and places MVC pattrern .

         private DockLayoutPanel container = new DockLayoutPanel(Unit.PX);

private SimplePanel header1 = new SimplePanel();
private SimplePanel center  = new SimplePanel();

        container.addNorth(header1, 70);

bind part :
private void bindLogic(){
//one instance per application
final ClientFactory clientFactory = GWT.create(ClientFactory.class);
//one instance per application
final EventBus eventBus = clientFactory.getEventBus();
Place place = new WelcomePlace();
PlaceController placeController = clientFactory.getPlaceController();

new Header1(clientFactory,this.header1);
                new Center(clientFactory,;
// Start PlaceHistoryHandler with our PlaceHistoryMapper
        AppPlacesHistoryMapper historyMapper= GWT.create(AppPlacesHistoryMapper.class);
        PlaceHistoryHandler historyHandler = new PlaceHistoryHandler(historyMapper);
        historyHandler.register(placeController, clientFactory.getEventBus(), place);

        // Goes to the place represented on URL else default place
public Center(ClientFactory clientFactory,AcceptsOneWidget appWidget) 
this.clientFactory = clientFactory;
this.eventBus = this.clientFactory.getEventBus();
        ActivityMapper activityMapper = new CenterActivityMapper(clientFactory);
        ActivityManager activityManager = new ActivityManager(activityMapper, eventBus);        

my.html file
<div id="container" align="center"></div>


Maybe somebody have example or  advice ? 


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