Saturday, October 25, 2014

How to pass a function to a method defined with JsInterop

Hi all, I'm using GWT 2.7.0-beta and I'm experimenting an integration with some existing JavaScript.

I wrote a wrapper:

public interface ExistingJavaScriptObject {
ExistingJavaScriptObject function(String param, Object callback);

It's the same pattern used in many JS Frameworks and I need to pass a callback as the second param.

For that I wrote a SAM interface

@JsType(prototype = "Function")
public interface FunctionCall<P, R> {
R function(P param);

But I don't know how to create a function object from this if not with a trampoline method in JNSI:

private static native <P,R> JavaScriptObject i2f(FunctionCall<P, R> functionCall) /*-{
return function(param) {
return functionCall.@FunctionCall::function(Ljava/lang/Object;)(param);

I think I'm missing the point, here in GWT 2.7 I can't use lambdas so I think there must be a smarter way to pass a function to a wrapper JavaScript object.

Any hints ? No better options ??

Thank you.

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