Thursday, December 19, 2013

Re: Soft Permutation Creating JavaScript for Server Side Script Selection

Are you aware that this approach will fail as soon as you have deferred binding properties (your own or through a 3rd party lib) that can only be filled with a value through JS execution inside the browser? Or put differently: If you have a deferred binding property whose values can not be inferred from the user agent string.

It would be far more robust if you would only embed the app.nocache.js contents into your index.php/jsp and leave the permutation files untouched. That way you eliminate the request of app.nocache.js but you can still have any kind of deferred binding property.

If you still want to follow your path, I think you need to implement your own linker that changes the names of the emitted artifacts to the format you would like to have.

A basic example of a custom linker:

-- J.

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