Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Re: organizing modules and CSS resources

Hi Jens,

thanks, but this caused me a lot of trouble.

Caused by your recommendation to create a "public" folder I noticed that my library did not have any "root" folders like "public" (or "client"). So I created not only the folder "public", but also the folder "client", and I moved all the source code from mylib/src/mylib into mylib/src/mylib/client.

I also moved mylib.gwt.xml from mylib/src to mylib/src/mylib.

After that the module definition file was not found anymore:
Unable to find 'mylib.gwt.xml' on your classpath

But the new folder structure is equal to the folder structure generated by a new eclipse gwt project.

The library is made available to my project in eclipse as a project reference:
project -> properties -> java build path -> projects -> mylib

The run configuation of the project also includes the library:
project -> run configuration -> classpath -> user entries -> "src - My Lib"

Even if I fix this by a hack, like adding "src/mylib" as a folder to the classpath, then I get the error "no source code is available".

Notice that this worked fine before I moved the module file...


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