Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Re: organizing modules and CSS resources

Hi Jens,

I also tried the simple stylesheet approach, and I found the following issue:

I wanted to make sure that someone tells me if the css file is not found, so I inserted a stylesheet tag into the mylib.gwt.xml with a wrong css file name.
Starting the app in dev mode worked and also compiling it worked, but the styles were not applied.

The log said:

[WARN] 404 - GET /myprj/mylib_wrong.css ( 1398 bytes

This means that the file is searched for in the project's directory, not in the library's directory. But what is the library's directory at runtime?

The library actually is simply a separate eclipse project:
  • It is made available to the java compiler with a dependency "mylib" in properties -> Java Build Path
  • It is made available to the GWT compiler with the <inherits>-tag in the project's module definition file
This worked well as long as there were no filed needed at runtime...


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