Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Re: Does SuperDev Mode speed up development cycle?

I believe that making such changes to the architecture like introducing smaller modules should be based on good reasons, especially reasons other than simply adopting to changed development tools. There should also be a benefit for the final system, e. g. load times, manageability, etc.?

Load times: First I assume you mean DevMode load times and you only gain benefits here if you think one step further. Introducing smaller modules is basically divide and conquer your code. The benefit is that you can create special GWT modules with entry points that only start a sub set of your application and only need to inherit the small amounts of code for that sub set to work. This makes DevMode faster and also makes recompile in current SDM a lot faster just because the GWT compiler will see less code. 
So if load times are your primary concern then you have a win-win here. You can make current DevMode + SDM faster and you have an easier migration path to the new incremental compile.

Manageability: Maybe, maybe not. Depends on the project and team size I would say. I would never create an additional GWT module if there is no real need for it. My personal needs would be:
1.) load times if they become a problem (so far I haven't seen load time issues in my apps. They are probably small enough)
2.) code reuse in different projects
3.) app architecture tailored for very large apps and lots of different teams with different release cycles

2+3 go hand in hand with build tools like maven or gradle with libraries and/or smaller parts of the app being dependencies. Once you have build dependencies you could generate <inherits> tags in a GWT modules based on dependencies.

-- J.

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