Friday, December 27, 2013

[ANN] gwt-appcache - HTML5 Appcache library


I have just released a library [1] that makes it relatively easy to
interact with the HTML5 Appcache [2]. Typically this is one part
required to make an offline web application. This is the first public
release and I am seeking feedback on what would be required to make it
more useful to others.

I know there are several other attempts out there to implement this
functionality but I am hoping that this library fixes several of the
major issues with the other approaches; (i.e. works with soft
permutations, improved test coverage, better error recovery, more
customisable etc). The library actually started as a fork of the
excellent work done in MGWT but evolved down a separate path.

The library is now in Maven Central and it would be great to get any
feedback about what I can do to make it easier to use.



Peter Donald

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