Monday, December 30, 2013

menus with UIBinder


with UIBinder you can define a complex menu structure very quiclkly:

 <g:MenuBar ui:field="menuBar">
  <g:MenuItem ui:field="itm_Account" text="Account">
   <g:MenuBar vertical="true">
     <g:MenuItem ui:field="itm_Login" text="Login"/>
    <g:MenuItem ui:field="itm_Logout" text="Logout"/>

But to use these structures in real-life projects you have to blow them with a lot of boilerplate code like this:

   new ScheduledCommand ()
    public void execute ()
     Window.alert ("process command: Login");

This can be very painful If you have a complex menu structure, especially when thinking about roles and rights.
Are there any methods to do this in a more compact way?


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