Thursday, December 26, 2013

Re: organizing modules and CSS resources

My app references the library with a single name:

<inherits name='mylib'/>

I guess that this causes the file mylib.gwt.xml to be searched along the java class path.

But why is it found when located under
and not found when located under

Ever thought about why you have to write <inherits name="" />? Its because the User.gwt.xml file is in the package Your case is not any different. If you move your GWT module to the package mylib and the GWT module is called mylib then you have to write <inherits name="mylib.mylib" />

In addition, what about naming conflicts? I found that a file called "public/img/hborder.png" in mylib will be placed in "myapp/img/hborder.png". What if there are files of the same name in the app and thelibraries?

No idea, my guess would be conflicting files will overwrite each other.

-- J. 

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