Monday, December 30, 2013

Re: menus with UIBinder

Doesn't save you a lot but you can call any setter method through UiBinder and I think you can pass any object to that setter as long as you define it as a UiBinder reference using <ui:with>  (not 100% sure, could also be that only String, Enum, Integer, etc are allowed), e.g.

<ui:with field="quitCommand" type="" />

<g:MenuItem scheduledCommand="{quitCommand}" />

and in your Java file

@UiField(provided = true)
ScheduledCommand quitCommand = new ScheduledCommand() {
  // ... implement

In the future, with Java8 support, this can become

@UiField(provided = true) 
ScheduledCommand quitCommand = this::doQuit;

-- J.

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