Sunday, December 29, 2013

Latest Google Eclipse update has hosed my Eclipse

I just updated my Google plugin for Eclipse, per a notification that popped up this morning.

My current project now shows a lot of errors, and several error dialogs pop up when I try to open an existing GWT project workspace.  Java editors and some other panes, like the class outline, just show big red X's.

The errors I get are "JVM version is 1.0.0; version 1.7.0 or later is needed to run Google Plugin for Eclipse."

I can't pull up most of the Google-related properties, either.  They show an error popup the first time I go to use them, and then just an error message in the panel after that.

I tried pointing Eclipse to my JRE1.7, but that didn't help.  I really hope that I don't need to set 1.7 as the Java version for GWT projects now, since several current projects are tied to 1.6,and changing that is not in my control.

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