Sunday, October 27, 2013

Strange issue with GWT sorting columns of a cell table

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to implement column sorting in a cell table for my data, however my data doesn't sort and the sort arrow only moves when I click on a row after clicking on a column header. Not sure what I did wrong since most of what I have follows closely to the GWT tutorials and the GWT show case example.

If anyone could give me some pointers that would be great :) 

I'm thinking either I'm not properly triggering the sorting or the cell table content isn't loading.

public class BrowseVendorsContent extends Content {
private static final String pageName = "Browse Vendors";
private static final String pageStub = "vendors";

private final BrowseVendorsServiceAsync browseVendorsService = GWT

public BrowseVendorsContent(Sneaky_Xpress module) {

public String getPageName() {
return pageName;

public String getPageStub() {
return pageStub;

public void getAndChangeContent(final String input) {
new AsyncCallback>() {
public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {

            public void onSuccess(List<Vendor> result) {                  HTMLPanel content = new HTMLPanel(""); // The new                                                          // content to                                                          // return                    // The sub-navigation bar                  HTMLPanel list = new HTMLPanel("ul", "");                  list.addStyleName("nav nav-tabs");                    // The tabs in the sub-navigation bar                  HTMLPanel listView = new HTMLPanel("li", "");                  HTMLPanel mapView = new HTMLPanel("li", "");                    // Links for the tabs                  Anchor listViewLink = new Anchor("List View");                  listViewLink.addClickHandler(new PageClickHandler(                          BrowseVendorsContent.this, "list"));                  listView.add(listViewLink);                    Anchor mapViewLink = new Anchor("Map View");                  mapViewLink.addClickHandler(new PageClickHandler(                          BrowseVendorsContent.this, "map"));                  mapView.add(mapViewLink);                    // Create the sub-navigation bar                  list.add(listView);                  list.add(mapView);                  content.add(list);                    // Load the appropriate view                  if (input.equals("map")) {                      mapView.addStyleName("active");                      listView.removeStyleName("active");                      // Add the map etc.                  } else {                      // By default load the list view                      listView.addStyleName("active");                      mapView.removeStyleName("active");                        // Add data table under List view                      Widget table = displayDataInTable(result);                      content.add(table);                  }                    module.changeContent(content);              }          });  


public Widget displayDataInTable(List vendorList) {
// Create new cell table object
CellTable table = new CellTable();

// Configure table to display all results onto one page  table.setPageSize(vendorList.size());    // Configure to select a row vs one cell at a time  MultiSelectionModel<Vendor> selectionModel = new MultiSelectionModel<Vendor>();  table.setSelectionModel(selectionModel);    // Create a list data provider.  final ListDataProvider<Vendor> dataProvider = new ListDataProvider<Vendor>();    // Instantiate sort handler  ListHandler<Vendor> colSortHandler = new ListHandler<Vendor>(          vendorList);    // Add Key column and sort to column  TextColumn<Vendor> keyCol = new TextColumn<Vendor>() {      @Override      public String getValue(Vendor vendor) {          return vendor.getVendorId();      }  };  table.addColumn(keyCol, "Key");  keyCol.setSortable(true);  colSortHandler.setComparator(keyCol, new KeyComparator());    // Add Name column and sort to column  TextColumn<Vendor> nameCol = new TextColumn<Vendor>() {      @Override      public String getValue(Vendor vendor) {          return vendor.getName();      }  };  table.addColumn(nameCol, "Name");  nameCol.setSortable(true);  colSortHandler.setComparator(nameCol, new NameComparator());    // Add Location column  TextColumn<Vendor> locCol = new TextColumn<Vendor>() {      @Override      public String getValue(Vendor vendor) {          return vendor.getLocation();      }  };  table.addColumn(locCol, "Location");  locCol.setSortable(true);  colSortHandler.setComparator(locCol, new LocComparator());    // Add Description column  TextColumn<Vendor> desCol = new TextColumn<Vendor>() {      @Override      public String getValue(Vendor vendor) {          return vendor.getDescription();      }  };  table.addColumn(desCol, "Description");  desCol.setSortable(true);  colSortHandler.setComparator(desCol, new DesComparator());    // Add the cellList to the dataProvider.  dataProvider.addDataDisplay(table);    // Add col sort handler to table  table.addColumnSortHandler(colSortHandler);  table.getColumnSortList().push(keyCol);    // Set to query result  dataProvider.setList(vendorList);    // return table and display on page  return table;  


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