Friday, October 25, 2013

Re: Thoughts on GWT 3.0 re: Java 8 and IE 8/9

We're thinking about introducing a way of developing UI that is more like traditional HTML design, you create HTML, CSS, and then attach behavior via Java. UiBinder is sort of like this, but it is not 

Can't wait ... Would love seeing this...
I feel the pain: a company abroad makes the html/css and then I put the logic behind it with gwt... But still find it far from optimal, used UIBinder a lot in the past, but not flex enough (not-change and test friendly). 
The develop process "gap" is simple too big which reduces productivity. 

I am sure that a higher and efficient/low cost productivity, realized with GWT, will surely attract more people using it (something I put this in the vaadin survey). 

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