Monday, October 28, 2013

Re: BUG? GWT modules inherit: filepath vs classpath

No, the "source path" is a subset of the classpath (defined by the <source> elements in gwt.XML files). It's defined in terms of packages, not file paths.

Le 28 oct. 2013 21:03, "Vassilis Virvilis" <> a écrit :
On 10/26/13 12:16, Thomas Broyer wrote:

    Modules can specify which subpackages contain translatable /source/,
    causing the named package and its subpackages to be added to the
    path/. Only files found on the source path are candidates to be
    translated into JavaScript, making it possible to mix client-side

    and server-side

    code together in the same classpath without conflict.

    so the behavior looks inconsistent with the documentation (bug?)

What do you find "inconsistent"? The doc talks about "the named package and its subpackages" and "classpath", and that's the behavior you described too (which is expected, as Jens already said)

Thanks for clearing this out. It is good to know that it is intended behavior.

What do I find inconsistent?

The documentation says "Only files found on the source path..." and .gwt.xml I thought/hope relative filepath was specified and not classpath.

So I would propose the following change

-Only files found on the source path are candidates
+Only files found on the source classpath are candidates
+Note: If you are merging classes from multiple projects on the same package structure and you have one .gwt.xml specifying a classpath in one of the projects all classes in that classpath (from multiple projects) are candidates to be translated in javascript.

   Vassilis Virvilis

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