Thursday, October 31, 2013

Re: GWT RPC AsyncCallBack is always failing persistently.

<inherits name=""/>
<inherits name=""/>
<entry-point class="com.mycompany.project.client.Alternate"></entry-point>
<servlet class = "com.mycompany.project.server.MySQLConnection" path="/MySQLConnection"/>

You don't need that <servlet> tag anymore if you use GWT 1.6 or above. If you use an earlier version of GWT then you can probably stop reading now as I have no clue how things work for these versions (I started with GWT 2.0).

I read the website you have given me, I tried to copy and paste the website you have given me and edit accordingly but the results is the module would not load, hence i re-edited with a new line 
<servlet-mapping url-pattern="com.mycompany.project.client.Connection"></servlet-mapping><servlet>

but the module would not load either, it gives Line 6: Unexpected element 'servlet-mapping'.

What you have copied from the website has to be put into the web.xml file and not into your *.gwt.xml GWT module.


i would like to ask also, for the url pattern, does it link it to my interface which is the Synchonous interface?

The url pattern describes the url under which your servlet should be accessible. This url pattern can be anything as long as your GWT app and your server use the same url. In your case you have configured your service using 

String moduleRelativeURL = GWT.getModuleBaseURL() + "MySQLConnection";

which means that GWT will now make requests to "/com.mycompany.project.Alternate/MySQLConnection" and thus the url pattern should be the same.

By the way, if you annotate your synchronous service interface with @RemoteServiceRelativePath("MySQLConnection") you can remove the above two lines as GWT will then set the same service entry point automatically.

-- J.

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