Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to change "gwt.imageResource.maxBundleSize" ?

I need to change the system property


to 1000. How would I do this?

The property exists as I see it here;

Yet I cant figure out how to set this in the GWT.XML:

<set-property name="gwt.imageResource.maxBundleSize" value="1000" />

results in;

[ERROR] Property 'gwt.imageResource.maxBundleSize' not found

so I tried creating the property;

<define-property name="gwt.imageResource.maxBundleSize" values="1000" />

but that gets me;

[ERROR] Invalid property value '1000'

In fact, any numerical values results in this error. The only things it accepts are strings starting with letters.....but thats obviously useless as Googles code is;

private static final int IMAGE_MAX_SIZE = Integer.getInteger(    "gwt.imageResource.maxBundleSize", 256);  

So I am stumped how I am supposed to set this property.

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