Monday, February 25, 2013

Re: [POLL] Maven project layout, what to "standardize"?

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 4:47 PM, dparish <> wrote:
I think a major goal should be to cooperate with other container plugins, specifically Jetty.  I've been struggling with getting the Jetty plugin to fully cooperate w/ the gwt plugin and am astounded at how hard it is to:

1. Get my server code to be updated without a server restart (if the compiled code goes in WEB-INF/classes, just bouncing the webapp is enough.

That's nothing to do with GWT right?
2. Running in dev mode w/o having to do a compile to get the code in the right place in the exploded src/main/webapp directory

compile into src/main/webapp !?!?!?
3. Start the jetty container w/ also doing a gwt compile (it should just compile the server side code)

mvn -Dgwt.compiler.skip jetty:whatever ?

But it suggests you have your client and server code in the same Maven module, which is wrong, to begin with.

Actually, the main issues I've got with the jetty-maven-plugin are that it doesn't work well with multi-module projects. the tomcat7-maven-plugin worked much better for me (either that or running Jetty standalone, configured with extraClasspath to pick classes from all dependent projects).

I'd like to see an option in the GWT plugin where it runs much like it does with the GWT embedded jetty but with the jetty maven plugin instead.  

Why do I want the jetty plugin instead of the embedded jetty:
1. I get a later version of Jetty
2. I can customize Jetty more easily (authentication, jdbc, etc)
3. I can control the startup of Jetty more easily
4. I can use the same mvn to run and control a production version of Jetty

Let's be clear, there's no reason to use the embedded server, apart for convenience when you have very few needs wrt the servlet environment.

Thomas Broyer

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