Thursday, February 28, 2013

Re: GWT dev mode and GIN and dependency injection in general

I just experimented somewhat with Gin and realized that it (v2.0) seems to break the incremental compilation feature of GWT's development mode, ie. where I just have to save the .java source file and the gwt dev mode server automatically incorporates the changes.

Not exactly sure what you mean with incremental compilation but when I reload my app everything works like expected and file changes are picked up by DevMode (Gin changes are also picked up on the fly). Just realized that I have never tried to change a file and see if changes are picked up by DevMode when I just navigate back and forth in the app so the modified classes need to be re-instantiated.


Can someone confirm this or is it my own fault?

In general: what DI frameworks are there for GWT? I'd like to have something akin to Spring's auto-wiring based on interfaces+class path scanning, but, of course, *before* runtime, ie. at compile time to avoid performance loss in production.

For GWT client code your DI options are pretty much

- google-gin (based on google-guice)
- sheath (based on Dagger from Square). But sheath is only a proof of concept. Not sure how well it currently works.
- I think Errai from JBoss also provides DI functionalities.

-- J.

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