Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Re: How to override gwt styles in uibinder?

CssResources does not know about the "primary style names" and "dependent style names" concepts of widgets, so ".toggle-down" with be obfuscated to something that does not end in "-down", which the ToggleButton is using.
You have to either:
  • find a unique name for the CSS class, and disable obfuscation (styleName="foo" in the widget, and @external foo-down, foo-down-hovering; in the ui:style)
  • or combine the default .gwt-ToggleButton-down with your own css class: addStyleNames="{style.toggle}" in the widget, and @external gwt-*; .toggle.gwt-ToggleButton-down in the ui:style (note: no space between .toggle and .gwt-ToggleButton-down); this won't work in some versions of IE though.

On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 1:13:04 PM UTC+1, membersound wrote:
I want to override button gwt styles directly in uibinder. But why does the following not work?

<g:ToggleButton styleName="{style.toggle}" />

.toggle-down, .toggle-down-hovering {
  background: red !important;
  background-color: red!important;


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