Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disable a specific button in a ButtonCell


we tried it in different ways and we couldnt find a solution for our problem.
We create a Table with games, so a lobby and there are all our games with informations and a "join"-button.
If the game is full or the user is already in the game, we want to disable the button.

// Join Column for the Game (Join a Game)
ButtonCell joinGame = new ButtonCell();
Column<Game,String> gameOption = new Column<Game,String>(joinGame) {
public String getValue(Game game) {
if(game instanceof RunningGame){
return "Game is running";
}else if(!game.hasFreeSlot()){
return "Game is full";
}else if(game.containsUser(Presenter.currentUser.getName())){
return "You are already in this game";
return "Go in";

 Like this we get after every redraw the right caption for the buttons. We used a lot of time to write a new class for deactivatable ButtonCells, but it didnt work.

Can anyone please help us?

Best Regards

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