Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brainstorming desired - easier styling/css approaches

Hey all,
I'm curious if anyone already has some good, applied blogs or posts around the styling/css approaches with GWT applications.  In particular, when going through some of these usecases and maybe from a UX designer point of view (I'm a developer, so do not know what tools (dreamweaver?) a UX/styling person may be more comfortable using, particularly with pure GWT apps):

1) Creating a new widget, how to plan for styling that would be applied to different applications using your widget.

2) Creating an application quickly, but style afterwards (or prepare for re-styling/re-branding changes).

3) Creating a 'stock' CSS template to apply to many GWT applications.

4) Given a specific application, is there an easier way to review 80% of the changes without going to each screen/widget at a time?

4-example) I was trying to brainstorm if there was an easier way to 'create a single web page with fragments of each display element in-context relevant to a specific application' -->  a single page with table headers (if used in app), if table headers are always embedded in the same panel or different panels (if used in app), buttons, pulldowns, textfields with random values (or default values if you use a grey-text approach),  etc.    That way, instead of having different people review each screen/page of an entire app, if simply create a single page (or only a couple of pages) that covers 80% of what portions of the app would look like for easier review of changes.


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