Thursday, February 28, 2013

IE 8 issues with GWT 2.5

We recently started using GWT 2.5 for our GWT applications.  Prior to a couple of months ago, we used GWT 2.4.  After deploying the GWT 2.5 applications, we noticed that the applications no longer work with IE 8.  When the user navigates to the application via an index.html page, the page is accessed successfully but the GWT java script is not loaded.  We do not see the login dialog as we would expect.  With Chrome and IE 9, we do not have issues.

We are using SSL.

We noticed that if we access the application using IE 8 and we add the site as a trusted site in IE 8, it works ok.

Also, we noticed that if we access the application using IE 8 and use the IP address of the machine versus the domain name, it works ok.

We've looked at the problem in Fiddler and it looks like with IE there is a problem in the SSL handshake.  Things hang after about 2 steps in the handshake, whereas in the good case there are several more messages back and forth before receiving the dialog page.

For the user agent string in the gwt module, we have:

  <set-property name="gxt.user.agent" value="ie8,ie9,chrome"/>

In our index.html file, we have:

<!doctype html>

One thing worth noting is that we also started using UIBinder when we moved to GWT 2.5.  I'm not sure if that makes any difference or not.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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