Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Re: EAR application with war (GWT) and JPA

I ended up with a solution where I in the GWT server implementation convert the Entity Bean class to a plain POJO that implements IsSerializable. 
Not the nicest solution :) 


On Thursday, February 21, 2013 4:33:20 PM UTC-8, Kris wrote:
I have a maven project consisting of a parent project with 3 modules. 

1. Modul is a GWT webapp. 
2. Modul is a jar module using session beans and Hibernate. called server module
3. Modules is module that builds the ear file ( maven-ear-plugin ) 

In the webapp I created a GWT gui than can create records in the database. 
It does that with an injected session bean from the server module. 

Second I can search for records in the database. 
This is also done vie the session bean. 
And here is the problem. 

I have a hibernate entity bean in the server module. Product
When searching the session bean returns a list of product beans to the GWT server implementation. 

The webapp knows about the product bean cause maven dependencies. 

I would like this list of products to be listed in the gui. 

But when compiling : 
No source code is available for type com.xx.yy.server.model.Product

Sure enough, the product bean in a maven dependency. 

I can of cause create a new product DTO in the webapp an convert the product bean to this product DTO... but that sounds stupid. 

Anyone got a good solution for this. 

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