Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Re: New widgets: Best way to implement them?

Interesting topic. 
Can't really comment on those things but I guess the CellWidgets are a good starting point. 
I also came across a good stackoverflow reply which I think might also be useful: http://stackoverflow.com/a/7481137/356594

On Monday, February 25, 2013 3:32:08 PM UTC+1, Jens wrote:
I am planing to write some new widgets that meet my personal requirements and I would like to have some opinions how to implement them best.

First my requirements:
1.) Performance
2.) ClientBundle for styles/resources
3.) DOM/behavior should be extendable/changeable (see next point)
4.) Mobile ready: a.) UI/behavior can be different between desktop/mobile devices and b.) user input should be abstracted to "Pointers" (idea taken from Microsoft) so the widget reacts fast and you have a single API for inputs. Deferred binding should be used to emulate pointer events via click/touch/MSPointer events.
5.) An IsXyzWidget interface that defines the API of that widget.
6.) UiBinder compatible
7.) Some widgets should also be available as cells.
8.) No explicit IE6/7 support

So now I am looking at GWT and have some options how to implement it. Should I extend Widget and do it the traditional way (and possibly create an additional cell) or is the future of GWT more about the 'renderable' approach like cells + CellWidget? Or maybe something in between like using IsRenderable/RenderablePanel with its fake DOM element although its experimental? Would it be suitable to use UiBinder to generate DOM / UiRenderer if things get a bit more complex or would it add too much overhead? 

One thing I am pretty sure about is that I would use the appearance pattern so I can switch out the widget UI/behavior based on the device type (desktop/mobile) if needed. 

Any thoughts would be welcome.

-- J.

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