Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unable to get result object from Service layer

Hi All,

I am trying to get the result object from service layer through
handler, i am getting this error

Transaction rolledback because it has been marked as rollback-only"

Service layer code is :

public VerifyDataResult verifyData(VerifyData data) {

VerifyDataResult result = new VerifyDataResult ();

try {

ClientCase newClientCase = data.getClientCase();

Case newCase = new Case();


newCase.setCaseNumber(newClientCase.getCaseNumber() !=
null ? newClientCase.getCaseNumber() : 0);


} catch (DecinumException decinumException) {


log.debug("Duplicate Decinum exist >>> "+

log.debug("Result value >>> "+ result);

// throw new DecinumException("Duplicate Decinum exist ");

} catch(Exception e){

log.debug("Duplicate Decinum exception in PMS >>> "+


return result;


Handler Code:

public VerifyDataResult execute(VerifyData action, ExecutionContext
context) throws ActionException {

VerifyDataResult result = new VerifyDataResult ();

try {

result = payloadModelService.verifyData(action);

log.debug("after setting of Duplicate Decinum
value ..."+result.isDuplicate());

} catch (DecinumException e) {

log.debug("Exception at execute....................


throw new ActionException(e.getMessage());

}catch(Exception e){

log.debug("verify decinum values =

log.debug("Duplicate Exception >>> "+e.getMessage());



log.debug("Before returning result >>> " +result);

return result;


Ever time the result is getting set to False even if the result is
being set to true in our service layer. Can you please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

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