Friday, April 29, 2011

How to update CellTable's Header Cell based on action in data table

Hey everyone! I have a question that I cannot seem to find the right
answer to. I'm using a 2 cell tables, one for a fixed header with one
row that scrolls with the other which holds my main data rows.
Basically, I want to implement a tri-state checkbox in one of the
column headers. I was successfully able to create a new
TriStateCheckboxCell that extends AbstractCell and it is wrapped by a
Header<Enum>. Using this class I render either an unchecked input
(checkbox) when no rows in the main table are selected, a checked
input when all the rows in the main table are selected, or an img that
represents an intermediate state of a checkbox when only some of the
rows in the main table are selected. Using a ValueUpdater I can
select all or none of the rows in the main table when the Header's
TriStateCheckboxCell is clicked. All of this works fine. My problem
comes when the user selects a row in the main table and I want to set
the Header's checkbox to the intermediate state. This calls for me to
update or re-render the contents of the Header Cell when the selection
model has been changed. So in my SelectionModel's
SelectionChangeEvent onSelectionChange method I need to update the
cell. This would involve calling it's onBrowserEvent or setValue
method, both of which take the parent Element as a parameter. Only,
Cell does not contain a reference to or extend the Element class. The
problem is that in order to re-render the Cell, I need it's parent
Element. Obtaining this Element is not straightforward to me. I was
able to get it by manually traversing the DOM via the
CellTable.getElement and going down, however this is not ideal. Is
there other methodology that I am not aware of? Am I thinking about
this the wrong way? Thanks!

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