Thursday, April 28, 2011

Re: Using DataProviders vs manual SetRowData

In fact I'm surprised that CellWidgets do not have a straight way to
add or remove individual rows. You can use setRowData, but that means
replacing all items starting from the index of the row you want to add
or remove. Correct me if I'm wrong but if for instance you add a row
at the begining of a cell list or table using setRowData the whole
table/list would be redrawn. While that should not be a problem with
static data, I do not think that is the optimal behaviour in tables/
lists where data can change frecuently.

On 28 abr, 18:25, Javier <> wrote:
> If you update several items in a ListDataProvider (say items with
> indexes 3 and 42) all other items between (4 to 41) will be re-
> rendered by the display if they are in the visible range. This means
> creating all the HTML and all the DOM elements for those items
> although they have not changed.
> If instead you update those items manually using setRowData twice for
> items 3 and 42 only those two items would be touched and re-rendered.
> Looking for performance, setRowData seems the way to go. I would like
> to know any other considerations/opinions regarding this.
> Thanks

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