Thursday, April 28, 2011

CellTree with CellTable nodes


We have to implement a tree that contains some table nodes at third
To achieve that, I have used a CellTree and a custom cell, which
renders a CellTable (using GWT 2.1).
It worked fine but now we have to make some cells of the CellTable
I managed to do it outside of the tree context(standalone table), but
once the table is used inside a tree node, the table's events are not

Do you have any idea about how I could fix this ?


With EventBug(a Firebug extension), I can see that a click handler is
registered on the table element in the first case, while it is not in
the second case (inside the tree).
I have also noticed that the events are sunk in the Widget.onAttach()
method. However that method is invoked only in the first case.

class ATMTableCell extends AbstractCell<List<ATMDTO>> {

// Contains the CellTable
ATMTableWidget atmTable;

public ATMTableCell() {
atmTable = new ATMTableWidget(false);

public void render(
context, List<ATMDTO> data, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {






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