Friday, April 29, 2011

Re: GWT 2.1 vs GWT 2.2 and this forum

If you look at recent participation, sure, I guess they're all working hard to be ready for I/O (2 weeks from now!), and they've all been working very hard for the whole past year (places and activities, Cell widgets, request factory, editor framework, safehtml!).
John Labanca however regularly answers about Cell widgets, and Eric Clayberg about the GPE and GWT Designer.
There's a LOT of activity in the GWT-Contributors group though, they're all working very hard (and recently, the Orkut team has been contributing very actively to UiBinder fwiw).
People in charge of "public relations" (i.e. developer advocates, like David Chandler) are maybe more than others busy preparing I/O.
Philippe Beaudoin having joined Google this week <> maybe he'll dedicate some time to the GWT community (I mean, in addition to the GWTP one); but he'll probably not be working on GWT, so maybe not... (who knows?)

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