Friday, April 29, 2011


Check that your Hibernate files are placed in the src folder as Dolly had mentioned.
We were working on a similar project and got similar error
Also confirm if your RPC service method can return a List as you are getting an error in List coz for our project we colud return only a string object as returning a list gave errors
Furthermore, writing a Query in hibernate and GWT is slightly different.I am sending you an example of my server side query,check if you find it useful:

Query query=session.createQuery("select Empname from Addmemberserv where Empname like :param1 and Passwd like :param2");

              query.setString("param1", input1);

              query.setString("param2", input2);


 Addmemberserv is my table name input1 and input2 are my textboxes

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