Thursday, April 28, 2011

Re: Application works locally, but not from remote server?

UPDATE: The problem was that the contents of the war folder were
placed in a sub folder one level below the root of my hosting area.
Apparently, you could load the html file, but the javascript was not
found. When the files were placed at the root of my area, it worked

I've tried various combinations of path for the javascript within the
html file, but nothing seems to work when the files are not at root
level. I'd really like to know "the rules" regarding where the html
can be located, how the javascript is pathed, and whether this problem
can be avoided by creating a source code path that generates a proper
path within the war folder.


Bob Wirka

On Apr 28, 1:32 pm, BobWirka <> wrote:
> I've created a GWT Java Application from the wizard (the one with the
> Click Me! button). It compiles, and if I open the html file from
> Firefox, all is good; the button appears as does the popup dialog box
> when the button is clicked.
> However, when the files are ftp'd to my web hosting service the button
> does not appear. The web page is found and loaded, but the GWT button
> does not display.
> Windows Internet Explorer behaves the same way.
> Google Chrome will not even display the button locally, though the
> page does load.
> There are no elements in the html <body>, as I'd like to generate a
> purely javaScript html element to be a part of a larger html page.
> Would anyone know why this may be happening? I've transferred the
> whole war directory to the web host, but no luck yet.
> Thanks,
> Bob Wirka

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