Monday, May 31, 2010

Updating Google App Engine datastore

I've just an applications using GWT and GAE. After reading the docs
and doing some examples I decided to begin coding but soon I reach
something tricky.

My application data would be at the GAE datastore. I want to assume
that the app "will live". Let me explain this:
The entities at the datastore will change. This means that some
properties would be added and some of them maybe removed what leaves
me with a ton of exceptions to handle. Knowing this, which should be
the way to update the datastore entities? One by one after a change is
made? Should I handle exceptions and then change just the entitie
requested? Is there a way to do this cleaner?

I've been thinking about how to do this stuff with my actual knowledge
and i think that the most logical way to proceed is get the object,
remove it from the database, create a new one based on this old object
and then persist it again.

To sum up the question is about if there's a way to add a property to
an stored entitie in the datastore (GAE) easily.

I hope you to understand my lines. Any suggestion would be



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