Sunday, May 30, 2010

Re: Changing CSS on the fly

It is possible in straight javascript, but I don't think there's
anything in GWT to help out. See
for an example.

I used it a few years back for something really similar - changing the
style of a bunch of elements by modifying a css rule. Definitely much
faster than changing the styles on all those dom elements. If I
recall, finding the right stylesheet and css rule is kind of a pain
because there's no efficient lookup. I think I put the style that I
wanted to modify right on the html page to make finding it easier. I
bet GWT could do something to make referencing css rules in a
CssResource efficient.

On May 28, 11:39 am, fmod <> wrote:
> Hi, is there a way to change a CSS Property inside a Rule definition
> on the fly.
> I have defined a rule
> .myRule {
>   height: 22px;
>   width: 100px;
>   overflow: hidden
> }
> I have hundreds of DIV elements with that rule.
> I will like to change the width property directly on the rule. Without
> iterating all the elements and
> inlining the new width.
> Is that possible?
> Thank you

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