Monday, May 31, 2010

Re: Persisting web pages locally

I understand Gears allows local storage of remotely sourced web data.
I don't know of any way it solves the problem of embedding PNG in a
locally saved html file so the file can be viewed on a machine which
doesn't have my server installed, and which may not be connected to
the network at the time.

This is a note taking application at first, with the idea of making
the notes 'smarter' in later versions. I'd like to have the notes
always viewable just with a browser, just as with any locally saved
html file. The notes would be read-only, and not smart, but

So my question is more how to embed (PNG) data presented with a GWT
Image widget into a saved html file so it can be displayed in a 'dumb'
browser. The Image is how the handwriting is shown, with backing
smarts in the full application.


On Jun 1, 5:17 am, kozura <> wrote:
> Well this is the idea behind Google Gears, allowing you to locally
> persist data in a little lightweight db.  Normal js won't allow this
> due to the myriad security issues; with gears the user installs it and
> allows client side code to access it.  But the status of gears going
> forward is a little unclear, for instance I haven't seen some major
> issues that cause browsers to hang being addressed..  However the GWT-
> gears lib is up to date:
> On May 31, 2:46 am, bcw <> wrote:
> > The usual model is a source serving pages, and the source persists the
> > data in various ways.
> > I am writing a note-taking (and other uses) application using GWT.
> > Properly, a lot of the smarts will reside on the server, but I must
> > make choices about persisting the information the user enters.  The
> > primary entry is by handwriting.
> > It would be useful if the user could save in a format that displays
> > the writing even when opened on a machine that does not have the smart
> > server, keeping the notes visible, and embedded in an HTML document.
> > I am already experimenting with rendering the writing with PNG
> > images.  I'm expecting to save the handwriting data as InkML, and
> > there may be other related information (such as the interpreted text).
> > Are there any approaches using GWT to allow me to save PNG images
> > along with a local copy of a page, so it's readable without the server
> > to interpret it?  I would need to fetch the images from the server and
> > them write it all locally.  I could have the server do this while
> > connected, or the browser (if that's practical), but I would like a
> > one-file format that could be opened in the browser on another machine
> > and show the writing/PNG.
> > Later I'm thinking of other content as well, so general pointers would
> > be helpful.
> > Thanks for any ideas,
> > bcw

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