Sunday, May 30, 2010

Re: Add a Widget into/onto Grid without resizing Grid Cell/Column

Anyone? Any thoughts?

On May 27, 10:51 am, spierce7 <> wrote:
> Hey, I'm making a calendar-like application, and right now I'm just
> messing around with different options. One of the things I absolutely
> need is to be able to place a group of widgets/panel on a panel on or
> over a table/grid that I've set up with click listeners, and have the
> Grid not resize to accomodate the size of the widgets/panel. Up until
> now I've just been using a single widget for tests, so I've been using
> a SimplePanel(), but I need to add a top and a bottom to the widget
> now, so I need to use a VerticalPanel(). I've got the program set up
> so that when I click a blank cell on the table, it creates a label and
> places it there. It's been doing what I wanted it to do, as in adding
> the label to the Grid, and not re-sizing the row to fit it's size
> (Here is an example: you view
> it in Firefox, it does what I want it too, but if you do it in chrome,
> it doesn't do what I want it to). How can I properly get it to work in
> all browsers, preferably with a label and a few widgets within a
> VerticalPanel. Thanks!
> ~Scott

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