Monday, May 31, 2010

Re: Using SliderBar from incubator

Leslie --

We had to fine-tune the incubator classes to work with GWT 2.x; you're
welcome to our tweaked versions of SliderBar, ProgressBar, and
Spinner. (We've also added vertical orientation to the SliderBar and
ProgressBar.) I can't figure out how to send attachments to the list
-- let me know if you'd like these, and I'll email them to you, or to
anyone else who wants them. (I'd be happy to contribute these back to
GWT, but I'm not sure how to do that.)

On May 31, 11:57 am, leslie <> wrote:
> GWT 2.0.3
> Eclipse 3.5
> Mac OS X 10.5
> Java 5
> Hello,
> I'm attempting to use the SliderBar in the incubator project.  The
> name of the incubator file I've obtained was called "gwt-
> incubator.jar".  My import statement for the SliderBar looks like
> this:
> import;
> I can see the SliderBar, I have the css set up and I can manipulate
> the values of the slider programmatically, like
> mySliderBar.setCurrentValue(Double.parseDouble("10"));
> But I'd like to be able to manipulate the position of the slider
> manually, by sliding the image with the mouse, like you can do here:
> But when I attempt to mouse over my slider nothing happens.  Nothing
> moves.  Clearly I'm missing listener information.  If anyone can point
> me in the direction of finding more information about the use of
> SliderBar I'd be grateful.  For example, is it possible to see the
> code that operates the SliderBar in the link I've given above?  Thanks
> in advance.

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