Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to change the CSS Caption part of gwt-DialobBox


How can I override the css class '.gwt-DialobBox .Caption' to use
'cursor: move' instead of 'cursor: default'?

I want to do this to make it more obvious to the user that they can
drag the DialogBox. To do this, I want to change the appearance of the

Notice that one must grab the caption part of the DialogBox in order
to drag it. That's why I need to modify '.gwt-DialobBox .Caption' and
not '.gwt-DialobBox'.

Now normally I know I can define my own css class in MyProject.css and
then write code like myDialogBox.setStyleName("myCustomCssClass"). But
here the problem is that I need to reach the .Caption part of '.gwt-
DialobBox .Caption'. So how does the setStyleName method work in a
case like this? Apparently, I cannot do things like
myDialogBox.setStyleName("myCustomCssClass .Caption").

So how can I modify the .Caption part of '.gwt-DialobBox .Caption'?


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