Monday, May 31, 2010

SerializerBase.check(String,int) throws useless exception?


I'm having a frustrating time debugging a bunch of code I'm trying to
port to GWT. There are various subtle serialization issues (not
surprising, since GWT has its special rules).

The real problem I'm running in to is that the exception I keep
getting is this: null

This exception is terrible: it doesn't tell me what class is having
the trouble. It tries to print out the 'typeSignature', but the
typeSignature is null for classes with certain types of serialization

A couple of thoughts:

1. it would be Really Nice if GWT could be changed to fix this
exception to be more meaningful (at least include the class name
that's having the trouble)

2. Does anybody have tips on what to do when you get this exception?
I've encountered one case: don't have fields of type java.lang.Object
in your GWT Serializable classes. Is there more?


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