Monday, May 31, 2010

Re: wrapping existing HTML form

> > I need to wrap an existing HTML instead of creating widgets
> > dynamically, so that end user will have the entire form displayed
> > before initialization of GWT components. But then there is a problem:
> > if you attach RootPanel to an existing <div> element and then use
> > Widget.wrap ( element ) for the FormPanel and its input controls, you
> > get the exception:
> > java.lang.AssertionError: A widget that has an existing parent widget
> > may not be added to the detach list
> > I've googled about the problem and found out that this exception
> > prevents code from messing up widgets hierarchy; this is totally
> > understandable point, but is there any way to get the job done? For a
> > number of reasons I really need those widgets to initialize from HTML
> > instead of being created dynamically.
> > Any ideas?
> Either:
>  1. do not use a RootPanel on an ancestor div of your form (obviously)

Even if I initialize the form before RootPanel, I get the same error,
but for the form controls.
For example TextBox.wrap ( element ) produces the same error when
called after FormPanel.wrap ( element )

>  2. Reverse the order of the calls: FormPanel::wrap() first, then
> RootPanel.get(); see issue 3528

I saw this one. Completely reversing call order doesn't look good.

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