Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Re: Stack trace not showing correct line number

In addition to what Freddy already said:

Native JS exceptions (which you get with "compiler.stackMode = native") should provide a line number as well as a column number. However not all browsers do this, some only report a line number. For those browsers that do not provide a column, the stack trace points to the start of the method because GWT's final JS output places each JS method on its own, single line. So if any exception occurs in the method, the line number matches the start of the method. Theoretically GWT could put each JS statement on its own line for those browsers but that would increase the JS size (additional carriage return character for each statement).

Chrome for example provides line and column numbers and thus the exception points to the concrete line within the method.

If you use "compiler.stackMode = emulated" then GWT inserts code to track code lines, thus the app will be roughly twice as large (and quite a bit slower).

-- J.

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