Friday, June 14, 2019

JSNI - access inner class attribute from external JS?

I am absolutely pulling my hear out with this one and I'm hoping someone can help.  I have been able to use JSNI on numerous other occasions to call GWT class functionality when needed.  It works very well once the syntax is figured out.  I need to do something similar but with an inner class.  I have an app that has an inner class within a GWT class.  I need to be able to access and change an attribute on that inner class from external/hand-written javascript.  

The GWT compiler is throwing an error: "Missing qualifier on instance method" and it's complaining about this line -- "$wnd.setValueFromExternal"

What is the proper way to call a GWT accessor from an external/hand-written javascript file when that accessor is within an inner class?

public class Foo extends DataEntryListener{


    public class Bar(){

        private int value;

        public int getValue(){

            return value;


        public void setValue(int val){

            this.value = val;



public native void setValueFromExternal(int newValue) /*-{
$wnd.setValueFromExternal = $entry(@pkg.Foo.Bar::setValue(I)(newValue);

Here is the call from an external/hand-written javascript file:

function setValue(value){


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