Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to build an interactive swimlane widget

Anyone has any idea what the easiest way is to create an interactive swimlane widget in GWT ?

I did some 5 minute googling and it seems that this is possilbe with D3.js (although I think a lot of manual work).
I also found a GWT wrapper for D3.js but only an old one.

Anyone has another idea than looking in the direction of D3.js ? Maybe some library that has swimlanes build in, so with a lot less manual work.
And if D3.js is a good choice. Should I use the available GWT wrapper ? Or is it possible to automagicly create an jsinterop wrapper ?

I have zero experience with jsinterop, only with JSNI. So I don't have a clue how much work it is to create wrapper using jsinterop. Also I don't find much documentation about how to do this with jsinterop. I don't really have an idea on how to start with this.

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