Saturday, June 1, 2019

Re: GWT - Still Active ?

This is my opinion (from a person with more than 30 years of experience in software enginnering), and I respect every other persons opinion - I'll just not put my eggs on this basket for another 8 years "just to see if it will get better".
Last year I had big issue with dates, because GWT has outdated DST tables (backend had correct dates, front end show everything one hour earlier!!!). This is just one little big problem for enterprise apps. I've asked support for this issue here, without any result (if someone had pointed me how to fix, I'll contribute code back to the project!). Finally, I had to write my own DST table and use "creativity" to overcome this "bug".
Not having support is also a big issue.
Not being able to debug the code anymore is another one.
More and more, GWT will get those "pieces" failing... and finally, it won't be usable anymore.



Em sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2019 11:41:27 UTC-3, Jamal Romero escreveu:
Out of curiosity, what would prevent someone still build projects based on current GWT 2.8.2 and keep using all the goodies? I think as of 2.8.2 it is future proof especially with a shift to jsinteop included in current release version? People even with current version took their own path and modernized part of GWT like the excellent gwt material & domino ui kit.

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