Saturday, June 1, 2019

Re: GWT - Still Active ?

On Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 1:22:09 AM UTC+3, Edson Richter wrote:
This is my opinion (from a person with more than 30 years of experience in software enginnering), and I respect every other persons opinion - I'll just not put my eggs on this basket for another 8 years "just to see if it will get better".
Last year I had big issue with dates, because GWT has outdated DST tables (backend had correct dates, front end show everything one hour earlier!!!). This is just one little big problem for enterprise apps. I've asked support for this issue here, without any result (if someone had pointed me how to fix, I'll contribute code back to the project!). Finally, I had to write my own DST table and use "creativity" to overcome this "bug".
Not having support is also a big issue.

I can understand your frustration regarding this, but i wont call GWT just because of this, specially that i know the CLDR in gwt have been updated to the recent data, we still need to generate an updated DateTimeZone constants file which is delayed because the generator is not found yet at google, but we didnt stop there, and i already started a new tool to generate this file, still not finished and needs more tests and review, but my point is that updating GWT was slow because we had to go through the gateways of google, but now as a community we can do things faster, all we ask is that the community should also help, it is not in the hands of google anymore, it is in our hands.
Not being able to debug the code anymore is another one.

Can we blame GWT on this, the old dev mode have been deprecated for a long time and is not even supported anymore by any of the browsers, but in the same time browsers are getting better at debugging javascript, and this is what we are actually do, i always debug in the browsers, and i dont think that any other Js framework will give you any better options in this regards. in my case i still can debug my code as java code in the IDE since all my business logic resides in presenters that has nothing to do with gwt ;-).
More and more, GWT will get those "pieces" failing... and finally, it won't be usable anymore.

I am not sure about this, instead of saying falling i would say migrated or ported, we are already working on the next gwt version and one really good thing we are doing is making sure that any migrated or ported module from gwt2 should work in both gwt2 and gwt3, and so for we have already ported may modules and there is no need to wait for next gwt version to start using them , as you can start using then right now and mix them with what ever you use from gwt2 and be ready for the next gwt version.



Em sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2019 11:41:27 UTC-3, Jamal Romero escreveu:
Out of curiosity, what would prevent someone still build projects based on current GWT 2.8.2 and keep using all the goodies? I think as of 2.8.2 it is future proof especially with a shift to jsinteop included in current release version? People even with current version took their own path and modernized part of GWT like the excellent gwt material & domino ui kit.

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